May 15, 2012


Dudjom Lingpa , Buddha hood without Meditation

A Visionary Account Known as Refining Apparent Phenomena

At first one develops understanding by relying on training. Later, one develops realization by summoning forth personal experience to one's mind-stream through examination and analysis. But the situation is such that mere understanding and realization will not bring freedom; even though one has food, for example, one will not be satisfied if one does not eat it.


    FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

    It was my pleasure to host the meditation group at DeChantal Apartments Senior Housing at 60 Church Street, Saranac Lake, NY. We met in one of the community rooms on the first floor. This was the first time that our group has had access to the “Hobby Room”, and it proved to be a welcome and comfortable setting. Three of our Sangha members are residents at DeChantal. Having a small studio apartment that doubles as a workshop, it has not been feasible to accommodate our group at home. I have missed being able to serve as host and am happy that the option found is pleasing to our Sangha.This new option changes that.

    Thanks to Bonnie for helping set up and break down, and for sharing her Buddha, candle, prayer book and singing bowl. Thanks to Martina Lane (who is not a member) for her gift of homemade cookies.

    Our meditation readings were from “The Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh”, a compilation of four books: “The Miracle of Mindfulness” 1975, “Being Peace” 1987, “The Sun My Heart” 1988, “Touching Peace” 1992. From Miracle of Mindfulness, we read part of Chapter Six, “The Almond Tree in Your Front Yard”, pgs 55 – 58, which speaks of interdependence, Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddartha’, interrelatedness, and of perceived reality and reality experienced in it nature of ultimate perfection. Thay Hanh says,

    ”The almond tree is itself truth, reality, your own self. Of all the people who have passed by your yard, how many have really seen the almond tree? The heart of an artist may be more sensitive; hopefully be or she will be able to see the tree in a deeper way than many others. Because of a more open heart, a certain communion already exists between the artist and the tree. What counts is your own heart. If your heart is not clouded by false views, you will be able to entire into a natural communion with the tree. The almond tree will be ready to reveal itself to you in complete wholeness. To see the almond tree is to see the way”.

    From “Being Peace”, we read part of Chapter Seven, “Meditation in Daily Life”, p 255, as follows:

    “During retreats, from time to time a Bell Master invites the bell to sound, silently reciting this poem first:

    Body, speech, and mind in perfect oneness,
    I send my heart along with the sound of the bell.
    May the hearer awaken from forgetfulness
    And transcend all anxiety and sorrow.

    Then he or she breathes three times, and invites the bell to sound. When the rest of us hear the bell, we stop thinking and breathe in and out three times, reciting this verse:

    Listen, listen,
    This wonderful sound
    Brings me back to my true self.

    Listen, listen,
    This wonderful sound
    Brings me back to my true self

    Listen, listen
    This wonderful sound
    Brings me back to my true self.”

    Following the closing prayer, we discussed the readings and shared refreshments and friendship.

    Ginger Slater

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