May 6, 2012

Appreciating the sangha

To our sangha, I offer gratitude and appreciation for the meeting at Evelyne's house on Saturday May 5. Sitting in silence, the guided meditation, sharing meaningful readings and discussion, friendship, the lovely buffet, and for some of us tai chi afterward, all made for a very rich day with many new insights for me. Not that such is unusual; that happens every time I can attend sangha, but I never want to take it for granted that I have received such a precious gift.

Special thanks to Jen for including the BBC documentary "Jesus was a Buddhist Monk" on this blog, particularly because, not having a TV, otherwise I would not have run across it. To Joel, technology failed this time, but our love for you does not. We all miss you and send you hugs and whatever other healing power we have for your recovery. And to you who do not receive Lama Surya Das' Weekly Words of Wisdom, I pass along here, by way of thanks, the wonderful joyous message that came in today's e-mail. 

I always say that everyone is crazy, especially you and me; that helps me take things more lightly and maintain my sense of humor.  Life ain't much fun when we take ourselves too seriously.

- Lama Surya Das 
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