Apr 22, 2012

Reading another Great Book by Mark Epstein

When Mark Eptein's MD came out with his first book "Thought's without a Thinker"  years ago I bought it without hesitating because observing my thoughts was such a big part of my practice. This was  approximately 9 years ago. Since than I have read a few others of his books. Two weeks ago I read        " Falling to Pieces without Falling Apart" which I recommended in another Blog entry recently.  Presently,I am reading his book  "Going On Being". This book is another great work!  Even though I have covered this material not only in books, videos, retreats, spiritual teachers (Joel Baehr), therapy, encounter groups, sangha and my personal practice, his presentation is always so refreshing and welcoming. Studying and applying  the teachings I am grateful for the awareness that unfolds in many forms and the  depth in which I experience them depends upon how committed, dedicated, and the amount of enthusiasm that arises.  Being aware of the multidimensional levels in which humans experience I have chosen many teachings from various fields of study that have enriched practice, not only my own but,  others as well. The interdependent web of life naturally teaches us of our karmic fields and we choose to some extent how much we benefit others or deter them.

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