Feb 20, 2012

Words of The Buddha from "The DHAMMAPADA"

You must exhort yourself.
You must examine yourself.
Being, with mindfulness,
guarded by yourself.
you will dwell in ease, practitioner.

Those whose minds are well trained
in the factors of full awakening,
who delight, without clinging,
in the renunciation of grasping-
such bright ones, impulses destroyed,
are, in this very world, unbound.

As a rock of single solid mass
cannot be moved by the wind,
so are the skilled unshaken
by praise and blame.

Regard the person who sees your faults
as a revealer of treasures.
Associate with the skilled person
as one who is wise, who speaks reprovingly.
Keeping company with such a person,
things get better, not worse.

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