Jan 23, 2012

Sangha 21 January 2012

We had a delightful sangha on Saturday and I thought I'd share what we meditated on.  I have been exploring this site, particularly the Pali chanting from Malaysia.  A translation was first read, followed by the recordings of Venerable Elgiriye Indaratana Maha Thera chanting in Pali.  We heard three selections: Tri-Sarana - The Three Refuges, Panca Sila - The Five Precepts, and Metta Sutta - The Discourse on Loving-kindness.

This was a wonderful sangha for me, I've recently changed jobs, and have missed sanghas since September. It's nice to be practicing with my friends again!



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  1. Thank you Rich for leading Sangha. How very relaxing for me. Thank you for posting the sites that you shared with us at sangha.