Apr 21, 2017

Why is the sense of self so inherently uncomfortable so inherently dukkha?

As I was going through various notes and teachings I have compiled for years I found this page. I am not sure who it is from but wanted to share it because recently during Thursday night class at my home there were many questions self and no self ( annata )

The page states with the Question; Why is the sense of self so inherently uncomfortable so inherently dukkha?

Then it goes on with this Statement; "It is the nature of an unawakened mind to suffer."
If the sense of self is a construct it has no reality, no substantiality of its own. We could say fundamentally its sense of self is a bunch of processes. Mostly mental and some times physically as well. Mostly habitually processes, such as thinking, feeling, acting, reacting, remembering, intending, planning and so forth. It is the way that these mostly habitually processes come together, work together. Especially, with this creation of a certain kind of self image. It is this process by
which they all come together that constitutes a sense of self. Which means however that there is nothing substantial that this sense self does not have any inherent existence of its own. Which means that is inherently uncomfortable. By its very nature is insecure. It is not simply that it isn't insecure it is by definition insecure. That there is nothing there that could be or become secure. The sense of self therefore is usually haunted or shadowed by a sense of lack. That the feeling that there is something wrong with us, that there is something not quit right about us. A sense of inadequacy. This could be one of the biggest secrets of our lives.

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