Jun 16, 2014

Celebrating Saga Dawa

Dear friends, dharma friends,

Celebrating Saga Dawa and having in mind Padma Samye Ling Monastery's June 19th commemoration of Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche's passing, 

two attachments perhaps of interest to you?

​(1) When, with remarkable willpower, devotion, and vision, Kyabje Dzogchen Pema Kalsang Rinpoche went about re-establishing Dzogchen monastery, King Gesar of Ling---a practice dear to Khenchen and important to the Fifth Dzogchen Rinpoche---played an entirely unexpected and theatrical role... (see bottom of page 5.)

(2) 84000.co* recently posted its English translation of Buddha's Sutra Teaching the Relative and Absolute Truths. See online or attached, a high teaching and simply quite beautiful.

 *a global non-profit initiative 
   to translate all the words of the Buddha
   into Western languages for all. 
   Perhaps it's because I translate, 
   but I find their video touching!

Renée Pema Gamo

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