May 14, 2014

May 20-21: Sakya Trinzin in Montréal. May 24 wknd: White Tara at Padma Samye Ling

Warm greetings to all Sangha Members!

I will be happy, honoured, to take the lead of a Sangha Meeting asap -- has always been and still remains difficult as I'm much of the time in retreat or in Montreal: 

The Sakya Trinzin shall teach in Montreal May 20-21

May 24th (the hoped-for date of the next Sangha Meeting) I shall be at Padma Samye Ling the long weekend for: 

White Tara Empowerment and dzogchen teachings, should anyone wish to make the trip. I intend to take the late morning bus from the Adirondacks on Friday 23, being picked up by someone at Albany's bus station and driven the two hours remaining into Padma Samye Ling. A feasible trip for anyone wishing to join us.:

Meanwhile, am hoping to introduce the Abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery to the Adirondack community this summer: He and his partner summer briefly here (leading a silent contemplative water-colour retreat, for one thing) but have not yet been much into the community. 

May all support your practice.

Renée Pema Gamo

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