Apr 10, 2014

Recent sharing about Self-Inquiry and discernment.

"Genuine Self-inquiry requires a relentless and ruthless dedication to 
what is actually happening, at the expense of everything that can be imagined, wished or hoped for. It is not good pretending. Self-inquiry cannot be fudged or faked. You are either ready to face all of your self-deceptions, or you are not."-Godfri Devereux

Bunny Kramer

I'm really over hearing people say "if you want something bad
enough… You'll make it happen." Really… so very over it! 
What you're really saying is ... if you don't get/have what you say you want … you must have not wanted it badly enough. While that might be true, at the same time it completely negates the influence and impact of all those things that occur in our lives (like sexism, racism, illness, injuries, patriarchy, violence, and all the things other individuals can do) that are genuinely outside our control. I don't want anybody to point at the 1:1,000,000 Horatio Alger story as some kind of shining example of what you can do if you just try harder and don't give up. Really.So please people… Quit telling others that "if you want it bad enough, you'll make it 
happen." As if *wanting* is all that it takes.                                                                                        

Jennifer Curry : As usually you express so eloquently what so many think and feel but for some reason are not able to say.

 Thank you Bunny Kramer I hope it is ok to share this with your name on it .

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