Dec 5, 2013

"Dakini Power" Extraordinary Women in Buddhism

Greetings All,
Yesterday, I picked up the book "Dakini Power" by Michaela Haas that I had ordered from Interlibrary loan here in Saranac Lake. The librarians were having a hard time finding it possibly because it was just published. After several attempts to locate it, it was found in Amherst College Library, and they were willing to loan it out. I'm so grateful for those that have made it possible for me to read it. Just started reading it and  would like to suggest it to all of you. Below is a link to a website that I thought would further peek your interest.
Hoping everyone enjoyed their Holiday of Thankfulness.
I am willing to open my home for extra sangha this season if anyone would like to share prayers, teaching and discussion this month. I know it can be a challenging time for many so I am here.  I will be leading the first one of the year in January on the first Saturday, Jan 4th, 2014 at 10am instead of our usual 9. This is so our Plattsburgh members that would like to attend have a little more time for travel. I would like to have a Pot Luck lunch after so please bring a dish to share.    Love Jen Curry


  1. As always, thank-you Jennifer for your uplifting, constant, and unhurried approach to "holding the flame."
    I warmly look forward to seeing you and sangha in person as soon as I'm able and surely before Sat. Jan.4 (you've noticed the "Dec."4 typo.) Renee

  2. Wow that's so nice Jen. wish I lived closer or you! : ) And hi Renee! long time. we met a few times. I'm dan. Glad yer all well.

    1. Nice to hear from you Dan. How is your Sangha doing in NYC doing? When do you think you will be going to PSL in Catskills again? Have a wonderful Holiday and do look forward to share sangha with you again in the future.