Oct 30, 2013

The Art of Being in the Present Moment and seeing Buddha Nature in Everyone

This montage I finished today. The images which are 3 that was taken with a Hawk Eye Kodak camera that my Mom gave to me when I left for California in the 70's. One of my favorite things to do in the Summer was to go to the Renaissance Fair in Novato, California. This period of time always mesmerized my imagination from the cloths they wore, how they spoke, the arts they created and the sports they engaged in. Oh and not to forget to mention the wonderful food cooked as it was back then. The Historical Society Members definitely know how to reenact this time period to the upmost. The montage was created to depict moments in time that were so memorable. In the middle of this montage is a little child that had come up to me after making eye contact and asked if I would tie his boot. His name was Cup. Not unusually for a California born to have such a unique name. After I tied his shoe he shared some interesting things he thought I should know. Being present to that very moment created so much joy that it is still with me. That moment is still happening. Time perception changes when one is totally present. It can extend for decades and hours turn into seconds. The connections continues as if no time past at all.

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