Jul 9, 2013

This Friday 12th, Festival of Turning the Wheel (Chökhor Duchen), we celebrate the Buddha's first teaching. As you all know, it was held in a deer park of the Northern Province (Uttar Pradesh). The park is named "Lord of the Deer "(Sarnath) after a story in which a deer offers his life to a king instead of the doe the latter is planning to kill: the king is so moved, he creates a deer sanctuary.

Here's a short practice or sadhana ("means of accomplishing something") on Buddha "a mountain of gold" containing lovely lines of the classic Tibetan liturgy, and the mantra:


(It's a universal practice, being of Buddha. The tradition has it that, having been empowered for this sadhana -- as Jennifer Curry has been, by the way -- the pointing out of it here is auspicious.)

that last is meant to end: is auspicious for you.  :)

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