Jul 13, 2013

July 12th Sangha lead by Amy Kohanski Mudra's combined with Breathing Techniques

Greetings All,
Thank you Amy for sharing your practice with us on Friday. We kept all of non attending members in our circle along with our Teachers, benefactors and the Masters of specific lineages that we follow.  It is especially rewarding to have sangha members that have been practicing specific technique for so many years. To be a witness to the maturity of the practices of our sangha members has been a great privilege.
Amy, shared a hand out  with the members that were present that I found helpful if others would like to see it send Amy an e-mail and request if she would send you a file.
Each sangha I attend or am unable to attend I make an effort to follow up on what the leader shared on each date we hold sangha. For me this is a expression of Devotion to our sangha and respect for the teachings and teachers. I would encourage other to do the same even if it is for a short exploration of what was presented.

Here is a video of some of the Mudras I watched today that continues the teachings that Amy shared with us and thought it would be helpful. Amy also combined Breathing Techniques with the mudras and will search out a video for that one also.

Link below for using mudras and breathing techniques by Richard Miller.

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