Jun 3, 2013

Photos and Link from Padmasambhava Buddhist Center Retreat Memorial Weekend (PSL Sangha)

This is a link to Padmasambhava Buddhist Center  http://www.padmasambhava.org/index.html
and photos I took this weekend. The photo of Renee and i were taken by her mother Ann.




  1. To Jen and Fran, a fervent thank you for sharing your experiences (and great pictures) at the retreats you have recently attended. And Jen, thank you for providing Rising Light Sangha with this wonderful blog site. The contents are so rich, there is enough fodder here for years of thought, study and meditation. Personally I find this a blessing, and I know it offers benefits to all who access it.

  2. Absolutely delightful! This is the first chance I had to view this photos, and am so pleased with how they turned out! (I can now email one to my friend who hasn't had a chance to meet Lodro, so she'll have a better idea of who I speak about so often !

    Thank you Jen -- REALLY hope to see you next year at PSL :)