May 17, 2013

Link to Ven Young Khachab VII Rinpoche Talk ( This is the Rinpoche that I went to share retreat with in Montreal)


I would like to thank all who sponsored me and made it possible to attend May 10, 11. and 12th Retreat in Montreal with Ven. Young Khachab VII Rinpoche.
Naomi, Marsha, Ginger, Renee, Rich Brandt, Stephen and to many others who assisted me on this path. Joel has recommend him in the pass and I also recommend attending his Retreats in the future. He will be coming back to Montreal in October if any one is interested in attending please let me know.
Namaste Jen
P.S  I will be posting other photos soon.

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  1. It was an honour and pleasure to have Jennifer with us, a true dharma sister, as is knowing that so many of you merit thanks for her trip to Montreal. Isn't Jennifer wonderful to quickly post both a clip of him teaching and one of his brain being studied!

    Below is a quick blurb about Khenpo YKR for all interested.
    His upcoming dzogchen-level, silent retreat at Providence Zen Center near Boston may be of particular interest to some. May 31 - June 9th ... open to beginners.

    warmly to all,
    Renée Cosgrove

    Younge Khachab Rinpoche,
    seventh in the Khachab line of reincarnations, is a direct descendent of the famed terton, Younge Migyur Dorje and holds the family lineage for this cycle of termas. His family has been closely associated with the Karmapas since the 17th century. He is a highly accomplished non-sectarian master, having been educated at Ganden and Rumtek. He has studied widely with the top masters in the Kagyu, Gelug, Nyingma, Sakya and Bon schools. He received his Geshe degree from Ganden University and was appointed Khenpo of a Kagyu monastery in Nepal where he served for several years. Rinpoche's style of teaching is direct, warm, and engaging. He is accessible and takes personal interest in his students' progress. Rinpoche presently makes his home in the United States.