Aug 22, 2012

Here's another wonderful quote from Sogyal Rinpoche.

Joel Baehr had shared this quote from Sogyal Rinpoche

The more often you listen to your discriminating awareness, the more easily you will be able to change your negative moods yourself, see through them, and even laugh at them for the absurd dramas and ridiculous illusions that they are.
Gradually you will find yourself able to free yourself more and more quickly from the dark emotions that have ruled your life, and this ability to do so is the greatest miracle of all.
The Tibetan mystic, Tertön Sogyal, said that he was not really impressed by someone who could turn the floor into the ceiling or fire into water. A real miracle, he said, was if someone could liberate just one negative emotion.


  1. What a blessing it is to learn this skill. Employing it at each opportunity improves not only the quality of one's own daily life, but also that of others you come in contact with. You become a positive (if only small) force, offering a respite for a person bogged in a negative drama. A joyous smile is a gift that is as rich in the giving as in the receiving.

  2. Naomi, I was delight to see your comment. Yes, each time we do the we become a positive (if not small) force. All those small forces build and then it becomes easier for others because they catch onto the current that the force is generating.