Jul 15, 2012

Sharing a Resource

I appreciate these posts on our blogsite.  I don't always get to them quickly, but they are meaningful and beneficial.  My gratitude to Jen, Joel, and others who share thoughts and information.  For my part, I want to share another resource, to acquaint you with the website of a very small abbey in the State of Washington, soon to celebrate its tenth year of existence. A friend of mine became a nun there, and I had the pleasure of visiting with her today as she returned to the area to see her family.  The changes that have taken place within her are phenomenal. She commented that the person she was, before, she feels no connection with at all now. She said with a gentle chuckle, "That person is gone."  One day I hope to go there and take part in some way.  One of the missions of the Sravasti Abbey is to spread the benefit of Tibetan Buddhism among Westerners.   If you would like to see information about it, click on http://www.sravasti.org/index.html.

May today be full of blessings for all beings.
Naomi Bradshaw  

Naomi I just added the link because the click on was not working for me. Jen

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