Feb 1, 2012

A thought arises to me, that perhaps the word "criticize," possibly in a translated statement by His Holiness, might here be used in the sense, not of fault-finding, but rather that of [critical] analysis. The main point of the sentence as I read it is to exhort us to look less to others' behavior and more to our own --- always good advice!
His wonderful smile belies any connotation of negativity.

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  1. Hi Naomi,
    Since your thoughts are really comments... can you post it as a comment under the post or comment you are responding to... that way it keeps the flow chronologically and more easier to follow. If you read his quote again he uses both the words evaluate and criticize so this is what I am referring to. Translation is very important and part of right speech. Not all would interrupt it as you and I. That is why I addressed the specific use of these words. Not projecting negativity on anyones intention but rather just addressing the use of words.

    As for the smile although it may speak to you in this way we can not assume everyone will put it in the same context.