Jan 20, 2012

Living in Compassion Teaching

Hi Jen,

We are setting up a space in the back house specifically for spiritual gatherings and meditation.  It is a decent 12x12 room and I am in the process of setting up a proper alter and am waiting for the statues to arrive from Nepal.  We are hoping to allow anyone to come on weekends or special days for meditation and spiritual discussions.   We should be done setting up the place before the teaching in March and would like Rinpoche to inaugurate and bless it while he is here.

Yangchen and I have committed ourselves to organizing the Festival this year with the North Country Cultural Center.  We have already committed to bringing seven monks this year for two weeks.  There will be art exhibitions, sand mandala, butter sculpture, astrological consultations and many more .  This link will give you more details. http://www.tsawamonksusa.com/5.html  The festival is titled “Festival of Tibetan Arts and Rituals”.  We are planning to hold some fund raising lunches and dinners soon as the cultural center doesn’t have any budget at all and the entire undertaking is what we have committed ourselves to bringing to the center – simply to give the center a lift in the programming and get the community involved in bringing more such events from other parts of the world.

We thank you for your support.
Tashi Delek

Yangchen and Tenzin

See Rising Light Sangha E-Mail for pdf and form.

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