Jan 11, 2012

I so look forward to our visit from Joel at Rising Light Sangha. So many questions I want to ask, things to discuss! Meanwhile, I want to share a little quotation which, in my opinion, speaks to the wisdom of letting go of our clinging to resentments and perceived slights, our regrets, our excuses and explanations of our perceived limitations. They are just the stories we invent about why we aren't somehow "different" or "better" than we are.

"There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with." -Harry Crews, novelist and playwright (b. 1935)


  1. Mindfulness in speech and thought. We may interpret others behaviors as excuses when someone else is not complying with what we desire or perceive that they should be doing. In actuality, the individual may know what is best and the reasons are not excuses but rather a more thoughtful and experiential way of living in the world for that person at a particular time. On the relative level pretty much everyone if not all have limitations of some sort. It is only on the absolute level that perceived limitation are believed by some, not to exist.

  2. I speak only of my own excuses; can't know anyone else's heart. Many of the "reasons" I have honestly and earnestly put forth to account for my actions were simply rationalizations that made my story sound better. I laugh at those foibles; it is a joy to be aware of them. I can only guess at all the ones I haven't yet recognized! But I already know that hanging onto my perceived wounds, my "scars," has never brought me anything but pain; when at last I can separate myself from some part of my story that has ended I experience a great sense of freedom. It is a lifetime practice.

  3. Very skillfully explained and I appreciate your sharing and dedication to practice. Thank You