Apr 30, 2011

Welcome to Rising Light Sangha


  1. The Metta Prayer

    May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled.

    May all beings be healed and whole.

    May all have whatever they want and need.

    May all be protected from harm, and free from fear.

    May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.

    May all be awakened, liberated and free.

    May there be peace in this world, and throughout the entire universe.

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  3. Happy Day! Looks very good. -- dp
    By Donald A. Paulson on Testing post for Rising Light Sangha on 4/28/11

  4. Good Morning All, For my daily teaching practice today I included "For The Next 7 Generations. 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Weaving a world that work, CD that Naomi lent me. These GrandMother met with the Dalai Lama . They are working for healing and freedom from oppression for all people and the earth.

  5. Reposting a few blogs that I deleted by mistake.
    Bill had suggest this Zen Master by quoting him

    Seung Sahn implemented the use of simple phraseology to convey his messages, delivered with charisma, which helped make the teachings easier to consume for Western followers. Some of his more frequently employed phrases included "only go straight" or "only don't know".[15] He even went so far as to call his teachings "Don't Know Zen", which was reminiscent of the style of Ch'an master Bodhidharma.[16] Seung Sahn used correspondences between himself and his students as teaching opportunities. Back-and-forth letters allowed for a kind of Dharma combat via the mail, and made him more available to the school's students in his absence. This was another example of his skillful implementation of unorthodox teaching methods, adapting to the norms of Western culture and thus making himself more accessible to those he taught. He was a supporter of what he often termed "together action"—encouraging students to make the lineage's Zen centers their home and practice Zen together.[14][17]

  6. "only go straight,
    don't know."

    seung sahn

  7. MAY 1, 2011

    1st of May and daffodils are in boom
    Hello All,
    Saranac Lake is so beautiful with the daffodils in bloom and yard work is such a wonderful part of practice.
    Through the years I witness the state of mind I was in as I cleaned the large lawns and flower beds. Gifts that one become familiar with as practice deepens. I am experiencing so much gratitude for being so fortunate to just be in the now and be open to what is. Everything seems so interesting when not judging the situation and wisdom and contentment become the fruit of the practice. Each year I find that different flowers end up in different places. you see when my wonderful landlord plows the driveway in the winter he does such a great job making plenty of space for any guest that come to park and so we can turn around and pull out of the driveway safely that some of the flowers get a free ride to grow elsewhere beside the flower beds. This gives me the opportunity to then carefully replant them or extend the flower-beds or create new ones

  8. It is late or early morning hope all is in bed sleeping. I am working on Rising Light Sangha Web Site. Namaste Jen Curry

  9. Just a simple comment, re The Practice. Recently I had read somewhere, and now see that it is quite true: your life IS your practice. I am not a Buddhist, strictly speaking, yet the ideas and principles I hear and read of Buddhism resonate with me. I don't do any formal "practice" per se except every day I find that I tend to live by those principles in my way. Except for sangha and brief occasional other situations, I don't do sitting meditation. Yet I often feel that whatever I'm doing is itself meditation -- certainly when doing tai chi (even when teaching it), washing dishes or cooking or doing the usual puttering and gadding about that manages to take up all day every day. There is it, that's it: my practice. My speech, my work, my doing things or doing no things, being with friends or being alone, resting, reading, thinking or not thinking, listening to music or making music = my practice. Every day I am grateful for it; I take joy in having found it, and I feel at peace because of it. Through sangha it is possible for me to realize these things. Namaste.

  10. Hello,
    I don't seem to be online much these days. Partly its due to being too busy, an annual springtime malady. Partly it is due to an ailing, old computer that seems to be having some issues of late. In paticular the dial up modem seems to be kicking the proverbial bucket. I am able to get online with a borrowed high speed connection, which I do from time to time. That is probably more than you wanted to know about my computer.
    I know Jen Curry has spent a lot of time and effort creating this space. So I at least wanted to post something in support of her efforts. Hopefully I will be back in the future with something of a more Spiritual nature.